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Gracie Barra Derby

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Gracie Barra Derby

  • Date: 19/07/2021
  • Category: Derby

Gracie Barra Derby is a Premium Certified martial arts school. This means students receive the highest levels of coaching at all ages and stages. To find out more about our classes please click HERE.

Why Gracie Barra?

All Gracie Barra Derby & Ilkeston instructors teach using the principles that have been developed using Master Carlos Gracie Jr’s personal philosophy over a lifetime of growth and development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Gracie Barra values and principles are based on family and community; from students taking their first class, to Black Belts graduating, to athletes competing, to the way our instructors teach – Jui-Jitsu is for everyone.

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Telephone: 07776 148395



Telephone: 07583 419183


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